Internet Citizenship and Update on Issue One

Welcome to Suburban Diaspora’s blog. Normally, we shed spotlights on independent fiction, poetry, music, and video games. However, on fifth Mondays of the month we will have guest blogs dealing with our mission statement and blogs from our staff about the same topics: internet culture, suburbia, diasporic populations, or any combination of those. This week the founding editor will talk a little bit about internet citizenship, sharing a video from Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers. If you would be interested in writing one of these blog posts, check out our Submittable page. We do accept such work unsolicited. Thank you.

Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers made a video recently about how to be a citizen of the internet. It expands on Wheaton’s Law* and goes further in some regards, but the most interesting part of the video for me is the idea of citizenship of the internet. When creating Suburban Diaspora, there were a few concepts that were important in its inception. Placeless writing is the focus despite the fact that this concept is difficult to define. The idea of internet citizenship brings us closer to a working definition.

This journal was conceived originally as a space for people that fell through the cracks of regional journals. There are plenty of Midwestern, Southern, or otherwise placed journals out there in the internet ether. Our goal is to be a counterbalance to that. Green’s video definitely encapsulates the conceptual framework that we’re working with, so take this week off from our reviews to take a look at Green’s vlog. It’s definitely worth four minutes of your time.

As for the first issue, some technical difficulties will be pushing it back. We were hoping to have the issue released by the middle of July, but it looks like the beginning of August is going to be more realistic at this point. We are currently accepting submissions for the second issue. Our apologies for the delay. We’ll be back next week with more reviews of independent literature, music, and video games.

* Don’t be a dick. (We at Suburban Diaspora are strict adherents to this law.)

Post by Matt Kimberlin